Cats & Equine . CLICK TO OPEN Cats & Equine . CLICK TO OPEN Tanzy,A Rag Doll. Tanzy was my neighbour's cat & I painted this as a birthday present for her.Tanzy passed away a few years ago so Beatty was delighted to have this memory of her dear Tanzy. 193442518 Alfie, A Mainecoon. I painted Alfie for my cousins. He is a gorgeous big cat,very gentle in the house but an avid hunter of mice & rats out of doors. Pastelon velour paper. 176084522 Nicki, An Australian Cat This is 30x40cm pastel on pastel paper. Almost finished in this photo. 187773598 Littly Littly is my cousin Pam's cat who also lives in Chelsea.She is a very shy cat & it wasdifficult to get a good photo of her.So I had to do the best with what I had ,she still doesn't look very happy about it. 189279194 Merlin Merlin belongs to Sylvia who lives in Chelsea ,australia. What a great poser he is . 189279193 Big Neil, another cat from Australia. Big Neil is a Maine Coon ,a rather large boy,well he would be coming from Aussie. Pastel again . 187773599 Queenie A sacred Bermin cat. see her on my "about me " page 191976741 sleepy Leopard. Pastel on paper. 176084524 Columbina & Tucuman. A recent commission ,a birthday gift for the owner of her 2 deceased horses. I hope she likes it & that it brings back many happy memories for her. 178666690 Pony. pastel painting. 176084525 Rocinante. He is one of the many lucky Donkeys who live at "El refugio del Burrito " here in Andalucia.Painted in pastels. 176084867 Andalucian Donkey & her Baby. pastels on pastel paper. 176084523 Mother & fowl . Pastel pencils on paper 176084526 A Spanish Lynx. An Acrylic paintinf 176084893 Meerkats takeing a siesta. Pastel on pastelpaper. 176084762 Bengal Tiger. Pastel on pastel paper, 176084728 Meerkats ,On Guard. This is a small painting in pastel on Velour paper. 176084906 Victor & Albert .Owners comments. Hello Barbara I wanted to thank you for the lovely painting of my cats commissioned by Grace.It is hard to believe that without actually seeing the cats you have completely captured not only their physical appearance, but also their characters! It will give me great pleasure for years to come, you have done a fantastic job you have done. Thanks again Gordon 194608883 Mimi, Mimi is a very serious cat with big pale green eyes ,she seems to look straight thru the cameras lens. 195449771 Another Royal Birman cat. I painted this as an exhibition piece for my own collection .Its a nice large size 40x50cm & I love looking at her on my wall. 197626601 Luna . Luna was painted as a prize for her owner ,who helps a local charity to Spay stray cats. "Gato Amigos" In Spain . 201503091 205696679