various paintings various paintings El Castillo Sancti Petri Cadiz. (sold) Acrylic 193905649 Bodega. El Puerto de Santamaria.(Sold ) 193905650 Sand dunes ,View of Morocco. (sold) Acrylic 193905651 Sunflowers (SOLD) Acrylic 193905652 Old Fishing Village ,Sancti Petri.(Donated) Oil 193905653 El Torre De Puerco ,Chiclana de la Frontera. Acrylic 193905654 Poppy Panel (sold) Acrylic 193905655 Mother & Baby elephants This painting is for sale . 40x40cm oil on canvas . 193905537 Another mother & baby painting Also for sale ,40x40cm oil on canvas . 194609208 Meerkat Siesta Just love these little fellows & painted this for fun. Pastel. 196018433 Burriana Beach . (SOLD) Acrylic 196326123 Bodega & Cats (SOLD) Acrylic 196326124 Sand dunes Cadiz (Sold) Acrylic 196326126 Pine Trees , Sancti Petri (sold) Painted in Acrylic 196326128 Sea Scape ,Sancti Petri. Acrylic 196326032 poppies feeling Blue. 40x40cm Acrylics on canvas My Latest Poppy Painting ,I enjoy painting poppies they give me such a lift ,maybe it is the lovely colors that cheer me up . 198789420 Maya & the Lamb 2 . Pastels on Pastel Mat .30x40cm This is a painting of my granddaughter from a photo taken many years ago . 198789421